The Unstable Atom

Reflecting over life through weird, crazy, ever changing, euphoric, absurd, confused and at times impartial lenses -a journey of curiosity and questions with my two alter egos.. as I try to fall out of the stagnation of instability.. or the desperate attempt to remain..

Rain.. One of the eternal giver of life..
The wait: Waiting for rain, first a slight worry and then utter panic, the water cuts and all sorts of flyers for water saving floating around, praying etc.
The frustration: Then there are only the clouds gathering and dispersing and not quite raining.
The joy: The rain comes in bits and pieces, there is pure joy at the first sight and smell of rains.
The irritation: Then rain comes down in his full glory. The incessant downpour becomes irritating for most since plans are cancelled, travelling becomes a pain so on and so forth.
The begging: People start beeging for a glimpse of the sun, for a respite from the wetness.
There is the pleasure of a dry spell and slowly the rain abaits. Then they are back to the longing for it again!

I guess that sums up the human rain cycle.

Rain is one of the things i truly adore. People say they love rain. I think everyone's love for rain differs. I also think it almost defines how they can love as a human and what love really means to them. Even for other humans/things. I tried to list my observation of such.. ;) :) Just for fun..

Some people totally detest rain. Had it not been a necessity and had they had the power, they would have abolished rain as a phenomenon completely
Some people like rain. Not quite for the existence of it but as a necessity. They keep away from it. They say its utmost necessary and good its raining but it better rain at night when everyone is sleeping. Fill up the dams n rivers etc when no one is at work.
Some people like it only cause it makes the surrounding so awesome and they want to go on trips and picnics and gloat about it to others. Also to blabber about it in some seemingly romantic way.
Some people love it but they don't like it to rain any other time than in the monsoon.
Some people love it, they love getting wet in the first rain. They love it when it rain - when they want. They find it romantic. They don't usually have issues with it pouring at anytime but might get irritable if it pours on a very important time for them etc. But they have fond memories of rain in its true sense.

My love for it is unconditional. Irrespective of the time of the year/day, irrespective of if i'm all dressed up to go out, just getting home or already out doing some chores or travlling one place to another.. He is always welcome. My love for him is being totally drenched to the core, to my very bones and soul.. I have memories of rain itself. Not with someone else, but with rain. Its just me and him. My love is for his sheer existence.. Whether he take care of the farmers or he floods the place.. He is the king ofmy heart.. So here you are.. For my love of the rain.. :) ;)

I took a different route today
A route less taken these days
It is a long route..
"Its just one of those days" i said
And the lashes plucked a tear from my eye as they heard what i said
The memories tugged at me
And i let myself plunge into their deep bossom
It was a clear day..
With bright blue clean skies..
A day when the rain has poured itself out
Cleaned everything in its way including itself..
The rain makes way for the sun..
And out he comes,
Making everything its light touches shine brilliantly..
Thanks to the rain..
I passed through the by-lanes
The dense Banayan trees.. :)
The same roads pockmarked by puddles..
The leafy green shadows playing hide and seek with them..
A car parked on a lonely road..
Long roads, resturants, and a smile..
The joy, the peace, the completeness..
Its more of the weather than the person..
Its more of the memories than wanting to have it again now..
Its more of the way you felt within that matters than any of those bygones..
I took a different route today..
Down the little winding memory lane.. :)