The Unstable Atom

Reflecting over life through weird, crazy, ever changing, euphoric, absurd, confused and at times impartial lenses -a journey of curiosity and questions with my two alter egos.. as I try to fall out of the stagnation of instability.. or the desperate attempt to remain..

ती असते..
कुठल्या तरी शाळेच्या बाकावर कोरलेली..

तिथेच विसरून राहिलेल..

ती असते..

कुठल्यातर गल्लीच्या कोप्रिॅयेवार

लाजत ऊभी..

एका भयाण काळरात्री, वाट बघत थांबलेल

ती असते..


एका कुरळल्या बटी मधे गुंतून राहिलेली..

ते बंदा डोळे मनात साठवून घेत..

पहाटेची घृणा करत

ती असते..

टेकडीवर शांत शेजारी बसलेली..

वार्यावर येणारा तो सुगंध ते क्षण सामावून घेत..

ती असते..

कधी शांत, कधी मिश्किल..

कुठल्यातरी गाडीच्या धुरात वाहून गेलेली..
कुठल्या तरी जल्लोषात..
दुसर्यच्या मिठीत..
तिच्या घुसमटलेल्या अश्रू मधे..
कुठल्यातरी वळणावर अचानक भेटलेली
त्या दोघांच्या भिडलेल्या नजरेत लपलेली
आवडलेली, विसरलेली, नसूनही असणारी..

ती आपली ती..

ती तशीच असते..

प्रत्येक ठिकाणी ती आढळून येते..

बघा कधीतरी डोळे उघडून..

मनाला लागूनजाईल.. स्पर्शूनजाईल..

अशी ती एक प्रेमकहाणी सगळी कडे असते..

The fear tries to re-emerge..
Its cold clammy hands inching closer, Threatening to snuff the life out of a bud..
Its only a bud still, Let it stay..
Leave it a lone I beg to the darkness..
The darkness persists, once a friend never a foe and yet it acts otherwise!
The fear is cold and so is November..
How is this irony then?
It is just you, he says.
Leave the fear alone, and it will run away never to return, he says.
The warmth in November, the sun shines smiling, again.
Twinkling from your eyes..
Words find me again and promise to stay.
I will fight it, I will stay.
Let us snuff it out together, and let it live!
For whatever it is worth, we are worth it! :)

Years ago, on some fateful days the moment you stepped into a barber shop (for men) or into a parlour (for women) you would get blasted off your feet with unearthly screeches threatening to chew your ears off if you stayed even a moment longer. But being in a dire need of a hair-cut or whatever other appearance related needs you have, you resist the urge of running out and slowly open your eyes to adjust to the scene unfolding before you. And what do you see; the screeches are being emitted by none other than toddlers in the ages ranging from 2-5 years!
You don't know whether to breathe a sigh of relief or to still turn your back and rush out!

Year later, to the day, after all these years of progress and advancement in all the possible areas of human presence, you still have these so called appearance needs haircuts, massages, face cleans so on and so forth. They have intensified if anything as the time passed.
So the same scenarios placed in today- you are harassed by something at work, which happens oh so frequently, and are is a desperate need of a relaxing aroma therapy or whatever you may please and you know just the place to go to. It’s a huge relief when you have someone (Ms.M) close to you who as a professional works in this field. You can be care-free and assured that you will be well taken care of. But you are about to enter the place and you see a line of kids waiting quite restlessly in the waiting area. Your antennae start tickling and you become increasingly nervous as you start inching towards the door. You expect that none of the kids has had his turn and any moment now the similar screeches are going to pile up on your already fragile mind!

You take a leap of faith and make a bold entrance hoping to convince Ms.M to take you up first, and what do you see?! There are kids inside already! Peaceful, quiet, smiling, laughing kids!! You can't believe your eyes! Kids getting their first haircut, kids getting their annual haircut, basically "kids getting their hair cut happily!"

All the stress, nervousness leaves your body instaneously even watching this miracle! Your saviour (Ms.M) notices you and smiles like an angel, as usual, and asks you to wait for a bit and you do so happily, sitting down to watch Pogo playing on a TV screen just close to the mirror where a few other kids are watching it too!!
There are some books lying about recently read by the kids who are now engrossed in playing with a pony and a Barbie! You take a look around the room, there is chatter, relief, smiles and only little bit of anxiety on the faces of all the parents around.

After the day is over, with you happily relaxed and ensconced in your warm bed, ridden of all the stress, this scene keeps replaying in your mind. You think- This is the advancement, this is progress. Where the most tedious of tasks are made into enjoyable and things to look forward to. Where both the children and parents are relieved of one mundane but important task in their lives at that point of time. To keep up with the school requirement pressures, parents' busy schedules it’s very difficult when the kids too throw tantrums, out of just fear or being adamant. When someone comes along and takes this responsibility on themselves, albeit for a price, and turns it around so beautifully it makes you feel it’s all worth it! The ingenuity and creativity, skill of this entrepreneur Ms.Manjiri Joglekar have managed to tackle the most difficult of tasks with such grace!

To bring relief to a parent and an insecure child even in something as mundane as a haircut has many positive repercussion and blessing! Hats off to you! Without any more suspense I reveal this cave of treasures- Krazzy Kidz which is a brainchild of Ms. Manjiri Joglekar.
Situated just next to Kamala Nehru Park, Pune, it is frequented by clientele ranging from all places in pune. Very personalised and careful service is something you can look forward to at The Krazzy Kidz Salon. The interiors, the people and the general ambience of the place is child-friendly and very tastefully done- a child's taste of course! :) In case you mothers are wondering if you can squeeze in your own parlour appointments, They also cater to other salon requirements for women which is a separate section in itself.

We at The Unstable Atom hope you are showered with many more such successes! You are our angel when it comes to your area of expertise! :) :)

For more details and appointments contact: +91 9922929922

Panorama- (copied straight from wiki/dictionary) A 360-degree panorama with stereographic projection. A panorama (formed from Greek πᾶν "all" + ὅραμα "sight") is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in painting, drawing, photography, film, or a three-dimensional model. An unbroken view of an entire surrounding area.

An extended explanation from my very recent learning- a panorama, for me, is a picture extending beyond horizons. A feat that is not possible for the standard human eye to capture given its limited field of vision. A panorama is comprehensive. It will cover all. What your eyes have seen and what they missed out. So a panorama sprouts from the inner eye. It comes from within a being be it living or not quite alive.

A nascent identity under the name Panorama Art Studio Pune aims to do full justice to the definition of its namesake and is also the inspiration being the little bit that I’ve added on. Currently involved in production support, short films, corporate audio visuals, photography, and theatre, Panorama aims to gather in its wings the entire plethora of everything "Art".

In their first steps they already boast of some projects:


1) Katta Kavita Marathi Musical-drama or we can say a poetic drama, which is a collection of poems taking their root in care-free college days full of romance, dreams and hopes. The playful mood eventually gives way and makes you think of much graver topics that mar humanity to the day. The word Katta means a hangout and Kavita is a poem.

2) Square One Marathi Drama- A drama colored against the backdrop of college life and trying to give out a message about the importance of striving to work for one's country. All in side splitting comical manner.
Square one under Panorama's wing was awarded the second best entry in an acclaimed comedy drama competition Vinodottam Karandak 2013.

3) Hey There Delilah Marathi Drama- A story of two companions who have been together in love since their school days through to graduation. How situations and changes within and outside them beome the villian and affect their perspective of life and each other. A story of love, learning and living and where the protagonists find themselves eventually through all these turmoils, a story told in a light-hearted comic manner.

Short Film:

1) Daawa Marathi Short Film- About two village youths who are attracted to the glam of the city, one of whom leaves to never return and the other is called back by his mother which is a figurative of the land that he tills after finding himself a mis-fit in the city grandeur.
Daawa, a directorial excellence, if I may call it so, has already gathered fame being featured, awarded and appreciated across various short film festivals like the International Cultural Exchange, Pune Short Film Festival, Delhi Short Film Festival, Goa Short Film Festival and so on.
With a great team of production support and actors from different walks of life united by the same passion under one roof of Panorama.
Daawa has won best director and best camera awards across these film festivals.
The word Daawa means a rein.

2) For a Social Cause- Recently Panorama joined with Hope Projections and Aradhya Creations to work towards a venture on social cause. I personally having got the opportunity to do my little bit with them can guarantee that this is one film to look forward to. Watch out for more updates on this at!/panoramaartstudio

Corporate Audio Visual:

1) IndSearch - Inputs from Panorama were given for the corporate AV done for IndSearch- Indian Institute of Cost and Management Studies and Research along with the college's internal team of experts.

Braving various hurdles, with limited or no means of fulfilling their dreams and passion, stars of Panorama are inching forward albeit at a snail's place at the moment. However, seeing their never dying enthusiasm and hard-core desire and with support from true connoisseurs like you and me I'm sure they will surmount all difficulties within no time. Time tests in every possible way, and the ones who can conquer these tests and survive and thrive are true winners! After all time has its own Panorama! :)

We at The Unstable Atom wish Panorama all the best with all their endeavours. Spread your wings for the sky is the limit, and there is lots that you need to fill in for your Panorama of dreams! :) Hope to be mesmerised by your work more and more!

being in its nascent stage Panorama's website is still under construction but the Facebook page is the one to look out for! :)

Follow them on twitter @PanoramaArtS