The Unstable Atom

Reflecting over life through weird, crazy, ever changing, euphoric, absurd, confused and at times impartial lenses -a journey of curiosity and questions with my two alter egos.. as I try to fall out of the stagnation of instability.. or the desperate attempt to remain..

A lie, or maybe just a hidden thing (technically not a lie but potentially yes), when spoken by one.. or (hiding) when a part of one's nature.. does it remain just a part of that person or does it start eating into the relationship and become a part of both?
At times even a comfortable part.. but it is poisonous.. needs to be nipped in the bud..

Now what about people who think hiding isn't lying? I believe if the hidden thing is something that has the potential to cause pain to the other person, then it definitely IS a lie. Or maybe when its found out its a lie..

No matter what, lying/hiding implicates a relationship like nothing else does. It makes sure the relationship is not pure down to the lowest level, cause some of it is based on lies.. and should the lie come out in the open, things will change.. drastically.. and if they don't it either means the relationship is very strong OR both are least concerned about the other or his life.

But the lie becomes a part of us.. an appendage which is not required, and hence should be cut off, burned off by bringing it to life.. not waiting for someone to find out, but to out it yourself! cause there is only place for two people in a relationship, not for a lie..

Yetil megh datun tevha..
ani mag gala suddha tyanchya sathi la..
Ashru sur lavtil tujhya najare chya athvanit..
Tevha yeshil na haluch magun..
He veda mann parat sparshun jayla.. :)

How does it feel to have someone come back to you over n over again.. To know deep down that its meant to be?
Across oceans and societal restrictions..
None of it holds any meaning or water in front of what you share..
After fighting it away as much as you can, all you can do is give up, stand back and smile while it sweeps you off your feet.. :)
You realize there is no need to fight for or against it.. cause you don't need to fight for something that is already yours.. or against it, cause its there to stay.. its meant to stay.. :)
Its not love.. it needs no labels.. and deserves none..
Its not friendship, neither love.. and marriage never! :) its just a cosmic union that no one can fight..
A little respect for it would be good.. but much greater is what is voluntary done that under social pressures :)

So here's to the smile, and the unsaid.. which people might believe dead and gone and dusted.. but which thrives right in front of their eyes, and under their nose..

Here's to you and me.. :) here's to us as our own true selves.. we live.. and we thrive.. together.. past everything.. above all.. you and me.. :)

Back from the dead.. though it never was so..

Here's to two smiles.. :) :)

A fresh perspective is what life offers,
in the same old ways..
The inside remains constant,
the outside is what shall be colored..
I pity those who cannot differentiate,
cause life offers it all, all the time, in a decorated platter..
A fresh perspective for something constant,
you are mine, were and shall remain..
Unstably constant..
A fresh perspective, cynically twisted atom.. :)
We shall endure and we shall stay..
A fresh perspective if you will,
I have some and i shall share.. :)
You know where to find me and find you will..
Shed those old immeasurably torn soiled clothes,
its time to don some fresh new perspective.. :)

Its so strange when an assortment of weird people tell you that they read your blog.. or are on social networking sites only to the effect of stalking you! :S
People who have never even heard of the word compassion in their lives let alone know what it is or practice it.
Stark opposites, or rather not even in the same league as you (yes i shall discriminate on the basis of mental and emotional capability, cause the gaping hole exists) come up and tell you that they read and apparently like your blog (as if they could ever even understand).
I'd rather not! :S
Many times i toyed with the idea of making the Atom an invitation only blog, but didn't want to deny most of the readers, even if unknown of sharing the pleasure of word.
BUT suck revelations have made me have second thought. I'd rather not let the Atom get soiled by the eyes of some people who have not even an iota of sensibility, respect, love and above all compassion.
People who were offered reason but since they have none of it of their own couldn't accept it. So, please save yourself the pity and scoot off!