The Unstable Atom

Reflecting over life through weird, crazy, ever changing, euphoric, absurd, confused and at times impartial lenses -a journey of curiosity and questions with my two alter egos.. as I try to fall out of the stagnation of instability.. or the desperate attempt to remain..

It is our phoenix
Re-born from the ashes
Alive and thriving underneath and above all
Hidden in plain sight
Glorious beautiful undying
It is our phoenix

An empty decay slowly sets in
in the chill of the night
as dried tears leave their mark for the morning sun to letch at

I have a belief..
A ridge one.
People come and go and try to taint it.
When I budge they are happy..
But the belief stays..
I have a belief
A sticky one.
It sticks to me like a tick..
It doesn’t let go..
Not even for a moment
It has brought me much joy..
And people I treasure..
The expose themselves..
I have a belief.
A just one.
It makes me drop all masks
And strip naked in front of me..
The show me who they are within..
I have a belief..
A cruel one
It makes me hold one
And tortures me till I give in to it..
It reduces all my resolutions to dust..
Only the belief prevails..
I have a belief
An almighty one.
It is all encompassing
It engulfs all fears and weakness..
It is the only one that is aware..
It is the second skin, under the skin of my soul..
It protects and it nurtures..
I have a belief.. that I believe in :)
That believes in me..

And along comes summer
With promises of exams and holidays to follow
The sun preparing to make a statement and the evenings to offer a sudden yet expected breezy solace
Re-introducing me to myself with a light-hearted yet healing banter, sprinkled with that old carefree laugh..
Promises of kids playing out on the afternoon warmed streets
Screaming unadulterated joy..
Promises of the grain to grow and the rain to follow..
Nostalgia seeks melancholy hiding in every possible thing,
I watch on as they play the sweet and sour game of life in the summery breeze.
Promises of a surprise by bringing back something long lost along the way..
Along comes summer, in all its calmly scorching glory.. :)

A molten blob of metal,
Some heavy metal..
And days like a chewing gum,
With weak traces of flavor from some other life time..
A stopped heartbeat, lost in the fabric of space,
And a dead breathe coming back to life in a particular grain of time..
My days of molten metal and old chewing gum.. :)

The bridge was you and the ropes me..
Delicate, stubborn, colorful, alive, delicious, seductive, full of love and equally lust, understanding, open, free.. the ropes..
And the bridge was just there.. immovable..
The ropes i cut down..
But the bridge stays.. shall always stay..
The ropes supported as the bridge endured..

But not the bridge stands alone...
The ropes shall spring back to life and not let the bridge fall..
But you need to call, this time around..

The ropes i have cut down..