The Unstable Atom

Reflecting over life through weird, crazy, ever changing, euphoric, absurd, confused and at times impartial lenses -a journey of curiosity and questions with my two alter egos.. as I try to fall out of the stagnation of instability.. or the desperate attempt to remain..

Today the sky chose to wear the colors of my mood or shall I say moods! The deep grayish blue mass was swallowing the sky and a rainbow broke and sprinkled itself through the robes of the heavens as widely as possible :-) Not so clear but then no artificial eye can capture the beauty of nature as the nature's gifted eye can!! So cheers!!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! My most beloved rain has not been able to hold back and poured all over me yesterday!! The whole day clouds kept giving signs of my beloved's arrival, I was satisfied with the signs alone but there was indeed a secret nagging which kept me vigilant, looking out of the window, my ears sharp for any sound of a drop, nose alert for any smell of the cherished darling meeting his (the Earth).. Nothing happened all the day through which did nothing to dampen my spirits though, as I said I was happy with the signs alone. Yesterday was the day of football test (It consists of dribbling, juggling, shooting, some other skills, rugby and fitness tests). I was on ground early for it was not possible to stay at home when the indications were so strong. There they were the clouds.. Full and round, Black and beastly promising to engulf the whole of Earth, She seemed to be trembling with the promise. Awaiting just like me for our Precious. ;-) The smile on my face which occasionally spurted out as a laugh could not be wiped out by anything under the sky.
As I continued practicing my juggling, (test had to start yet as many players were on their way and yet to reach) I could feel the breeze growing colder, turning into wind and picking up dust on its way to nowhere.. Then there was the first drop, as minute as it could get on the wrist of my right hand.. As if wanting to lead me to my love. I was exhilarated, but i stayed I knew he would come for me.. And he didn't make me wait long.. Soon the wind blowed himself out and there His Majesty graciously arrived flanked by intoxicating lightening and daunting thunder.. The Earth raised to greet him. Took him in her earthly arms.. I could just watch and be astounded by what I was feeling.. Then came the love-making, which swept me off my feet (well literally*). After 365 days of wait, The two lovers could try but not hide their pure anguish of being away from each other, the wild desperation, the untainted excitement fused with absolute delirious delight and simple happiness.. It was an exuberant welcome.. The Earth didn't know where to put him and what to do, all she could do was to ask the wind to come back and hide them from the envious evil eye of the world. And so did the wind oblige.. He raised a ghastly alarm. He blew hard , He blew bad, He blew fiercely, He blew with all his strength and He blew all of us away..
*Literally, all the players on the ground were being blown away. The kids had to be brought to the shelter. Some of the stray footballs blew away and as I tried to retrieve them I was nearly thrown on the ground by managed to stay on my feet with the support of a tree which looked as if it would give away any moment and take me with it.. So then we waited for a while and let the wind continue its job and He was doing well, we could see nothing of the love-making of the two lovelorn lovers.. The whiteness on the ground, like mist, was unimaginable and I was experiencing this for the first time.. I could feel the Earth shudder as she was nearing the climax and so was the cataract.. We were being splashed with the showers even in the shelter. Then both the lovers gave in and the rain subsided a bit.. La terre calmed down a bit too.. They then glowed in the aftermath, they cuddled and whispered and talked of their long days apart.. The rain told the earth of how she had deteriorated in her health but yet her beauty was surreal. The earth complained of the his late arrival and the pains of her wait.. He consoled her that this time he would stay and hoped that the humans would be clever enough to make the arrangements for him to stay for the period of time that he should for their own good. They contemplated global warming which is a nagging nightmare for both.. They both pondered awhile and then let it go wanting to live in d moment lost in each other's arms..
The rain ebbed a bit and that was our cue! Bang we were on d ground geared with a rugby ball and all set.. Then came the real fun.. The Romeo n Juliet had left a pool of water more than ankle-deep. The whole football field is now converted into a mini lake! So there we were splashing away and enjoying ourself.. The game (four against four) was full of lovely tackles, according to sir, and lots of tries and many bruises which were felt later in the night.. After an hour of mud fighting we all were exhausted with what all the laughing and finding gaps and scoring.. In someone's devilish mind was a plan of pile ons!! I was the first target.. Was brought down on my back with all the 8-9 others on me strangling me with the muddy water into my ears and mouth!! It was great fun however ;-) I admit. Then came two more pile ons and we were totally completely done for the day! It was one of the best evenings in my life, another additions to the moments and days which will be guarded close to my heart and which shall always be cherish..
Even the two hours long journey back home, which usually take 15 minutes on my bike, owing to a traffic jam could not dither my élan! :-) Later I found out it was due to the offerings that the Earth made in honor of her beloved.. The sacrifices that She made on His arrival.. Trees were uprooted and Huge branched were snapped off.. This was a spectacle of love.. The earth blossoms again as an aftermath sprinkled with beautiful colors.. May their love bring the most ravishing and pulchritudinous fruit that man has ever witnessed! Bless them both..
HAPPY MONSOON now and always!! :-)